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Entering A Life of Abundance Package

Mary Jane Kasliner’s True Abundance Package

Mary Jane Kasliner Abundance Package Author

Laws govern everything. Every force, substance and energy in the universe is governed by laws…and MONEY is NO EXCEPTION!
When you combine spiritual laws with physical laws the outcome is true abundance. We all have the potential to experience optimal health and wealth when the physical and spiritual body is in alignment. When this potential becomes blocked at any level, you will begin to experience challenges. Releasing these blockages opens up the energy so your natural inborn ability to produce abundance is released.

Item# 1 Feng Shui Designs in a Flash PDF Value: $59.97

Feng Shui Design In A Flash

If you’ve ever yearned to improve your life using the principles of feng shui but worried it is too expensive to hire a consultant, your worries are OVER!
So let me get you past all that angst…
This program is so simple to use. It will guide YOU to align your physical environment so you can start attracting abundance NOW!
In this 50 page feng shui design program you’ll discover and explore:
  •  The 8 Powers of Attraction that will release blockages so abundance can find its way into your life;
  •  Three main navigation tools that will transform your physical space into an attracting magnet for what you want;
  •  How the 5 building blocks in nature increase the vibration of your physical space so you can spread abundance

This program will show you how to effortlessly choose the best design features for your home and office that will shift the energy from a place of scarcity to living truly abundantly.

Item #2 Space Clear Your Way to Health & Prosperity PP – PDF Value: $19.97

Space Clear Your Way to Health & Prosperity

Do you ever feel as if the energy in our home is heavy and stagnant? Have you been under so much stress lately that you can sense it every time you enter your home? Space Clear Your Way to Health & Prosperity is part of my NEW feng shui mini-series program that will release unwanted energy that is holding you back from claiming your power as a wealth creator.
In this program I will show you how to:
  •  Cleanse your home or office space using simple yet powerful clearing techniques;
  •  Locate impact points in the home and how to adjust them;
  •  Understand the energetic profile of your environment;
  •  And how the human body reacts to man-made stress factors

Don’t miss out on this program that will shift the energy field in your physical environment and emotional body so you can instantly change the vibrational energy to attract more into your life.

Item #3 Who Wants More Money, Better Romance & Radiant Health PP Value: $19.97

Who Wants More Money, Better Romance & Radiant Health

So who wants more money, better romance or radiant health? I know I do and I am sure you do too!
Abundance isn’t just about the accumulation of money it’s also about blessings in other aspects of life. Who Wants More Money, Better Romance & Radiant Health is one of my most popular programs in transforming your reality.
You’ll learn and discover how to:
  •  Catapult your finances, relationships and health and experience unstoppable flow of prosperity naturally;
  •  Activate the key steps to realizing a more prosperous life;
  •  Incorporate a simplistic approach to design that explodes with harmony and acts as an attraction magnet

You’ll want to follow the easy steps outlined in this program to reveal the roots to create lasting change and release the ability to dance with prosperity.

Item #4 Healthy Living Feng Shui Style PP – PDF Value: $19.97

Healthy Living Feng Shui Style

I once had a feng shui master that told me “Money Shmoney.” What does that mean? If you don’t feel good then all the money in the world isn’t going to do very much for you.
Healthy Living Feng Shui Style will make sure YOU take care of YOU! In this feng shui mini-series program you will find out how to:
  •  Locate the key areas in your home that are making you sick;
  •  Know what foods belong to which of the 5 elements and whether they are yin or yang so you can balance your diet;
  •  Discover where the energy gates are in your home and how the human body connects to the built environment;
  •  Design with the sacred form to catapult divine harmony

This program is a keeper for a healthier you. When you restore health all other things follow including wealth!

Item #5: How to Design a Peaceful Space PP – PDF Value: $19.97

How to Design a Peaceful Space

Living in a peaceful environment makes all the difference when it comes to aligning your physical, mental and spirit body. When the parts of the whole are in sync, it can be easy to create true wealth.
In this 40 page program you will learn how to:
  •  Create a relaxing stress-free environment using the “Peaceful Living Check-list;”
  •  Navigate the Personal Grid Finder for optimal personal qi;
  •  Choose materials and artwork that work for you instead of against you;
  •  Incorporate the right components for your very own Zen garden

Reclaim your inner peace by designing your surrounding environment with nourishing elements so you can empower your relationship with prosperity.

Item #6 Smart Designs: The Eco-Friendly Factor PP – PDF Value: $19.97

Smart Designs: The Eco-Friendly Factor

Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most innovative architects of his time creating a potent union of art and nature.
Organic architecture is powerful way to design. Smart Designs: The Eco-Friendly Factor is a wonderful resource to tap into when it comes to “Green Design.” When your surroundings are imbued with the essence of nature your energy field changes and you begin attracting abundance.
This program dives right into:
  •  The key features in Eco-design;
  •  Eco-materials, categories & effectiveness;
  •  Amazing natural wall, flooring, furniture and lighting systems with directions that bode best for these features;
  •  Xeriscaping and permaculture outdoor ideas;
  •  And LEED certification check-list followed by a Green Home sample tour from foundation to roof!

Abundance finds its roots in nature. When you design with nature in mind you enter into the realm of universal source automatically!

Item #7 Classical Feng Shui Certification Discount Coupon Value: $350.00

Classical Feng Shui Certification

Is the Universe guiding you to seek your inner desires to learn Feng Shui? Many others just like you were curious about feng shui and are carrying out their mission as feng shui consultants. As the director of the Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui I guide my students on a journey through time to learn the ancient study of feng shui as a nature-based science. You will learn compass techniques and apply them to modern day issues, structures and land form.

I encourage all my students to infuse their own talents to personalize their practice. Everyone comes to the table with special talents so collectively we can help society find balance and enjoy living a life filled with prosperity and gratitude.

This coupon is good towards classroom or long distance training CD program.

Item #8 Breathing Wealth: A Meditation for Making Money Video & PDF Value: $50.00

Breathing Wealth: A Meditation for Making Money Video & PDF

We were all created to be WEALTHY and NOW is the time to experience the wealth you deserve. When you learn how to tap into your divine essence it will empower you to participate in the energy flow in which one enters abundance and consciously lives it. This video will point out:
  •  Simple breathing techniques that will assist you in entering the flow of giving and receiving;
  •  A meditation for making more money, success & more

Transformation is fully realized when the divine is involved in every aspect of your life including your finances.

Entering A Life of Abundance Package

You'll Receive:

  • Mary Jane Kasliner’s Feng Shui Designs in a Flash PDF
  • 5 Feng Shui Mini-Series Programs for Abundant Living,
  • A Coupon for $350 off Mary Jane Kasliner’s Classical Feng Shui Certification Program
  • and Breathing Wealth Video.

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