Feng Shui Certification PDF Program Or Feng Shui Mini-Series Downloadable Programs:  YOU have an option NOW on how you want to learn feng shui. If certification is your path the 9  part PDF program offers in depth teachings on classical feng shui theories giving our graduates an important edge in the marketplace. Upon completion of all requirements the student will receive an Intermediate Level Certification in classical feng shui. Go to Online School Registration Form for additional required fees (Registration, Tools, Intern Consultation, and Examination Processing fee).

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Feng Shui Mini-Series:

If your passion is to simply learn the key points of feng shui that relate to the most popular aspects such as wealth, relationships, building and design, health, space clearing and clutter removal, then the feng shui mini-series is your ticket.  

Certification Online Training Modules
module01 front module02 front module03 front
Module 1:  $250.00
History of Feng Shui

Module 2:  $250.00
Form School Principles

Module 3:  $250.00
Qi Dynamics

module04 front module05 front module06 front
Module 4:  $250.00
Yin Yang & The Five Elements

Module 5:  $250.00
Ba-gua Mechanics

Module 6:  $350.00
Mastering the Ming Gua & BaZhai

module07 front module08 front module09 front
Module 7:  $250.00
Floor Plans for Health

Module 8:  $350.00
Earth Energies

Module 9:  $350.00
Corporate Feng Shui

module10 front Bazi 4 Pillars thebasicformula 2

Module 10:  $250.00
Eco-Living Concepts

Module 11: $875.00
Advance Class: Bazi 4 Pillars

Module 12: $875.00
Advance Class: Flying Star Method

REGISTRATION FEE ($175.00/One Time Registration Fee):