Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui - Ongoing Course Curriculum

Module 1: History & Foundation of Feng Shui:

This module consist of exploring the roots of feng shui and how it manifested in China. In this module, the student will be guided on how the ancient sages discovered the workings of the cosmos and its impact on basic survival techniques-to the building of great cities. Key aspects behind the foundation of feng shui principles will also be examined for future classes to build on including King Fu Xi's contribution of the Earlier Heavenly Ba-gua sequence and Yu The Great's Later Heavenly arrangement. Other materials covered include:

  • Chinese Calendar
  • 24 qi seasons
  • Yin and Yang movement of the Tai Chi
  • Confucius & Lao Tzu Teachings
  • Development of the LoPan
  • 24 Mountain Ring - the power ring for feng shui formulas
  • Development of the Bagua


Module 2: Form School Principles:

Form school is one of the two original schools of feng shui and known as the ·Mother· of feng shui. The connection between the land and man's basic survival is extraordinary. The student will learn how to recognize the ancient land topography dynamics including:

  • Assessing mountain and water landscapes (ShanShui) Mountain classifications
  • Dragon veins & the Dragon's lair
  • Water dragon formations
  • Yin and Yang water configurations
  • Water dragon formulas
  • Interpretation of modern day topography and internal form for design



Module 3: Qi Dynamics:

It is a natural law that energy cannot be created or destroyed. The Taoist concept that qi is in a constant state of flux can be substantiated in Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Here, energy forms matter and when matter is dispersed it creates energy again! This module will delve into:

  • Analysis of energy
  • Influence of direction
  • Seasonal changes in energy for internal analysis
  • Earth energy, sources of negative and positive energy and how to assess between the two
  • Feng Shui rules and remedies in the built environment
  • Correlation between low energy and human disease
  • Evaluation of energy in key rooms


Module 4: Yin/Yang & The Five Elemental Phases:

module04 front



This is a fascinating class that covers the dynamics of yin and yang, the 5 elements and their impact on design and life in general. This module will reveal a step-by-step evaluation of the elements in their phases and how they influence design, health, and food choices. A detailed look at the 5 core elements and their relationship phases will prepare the student for all feng shui applications, including advance feng shui formulas. This is a MUST class!


Module 5: Ba-gua Mechanics & Trigram Building:

module05 frontThe bagua is the major tool utilized by all practitioners in the world. This class will analyze the basis of trigram building and the meanings behind the trigrams including:

  • Trigram building
  • Trigram definitions
  • Pre/Post heavenly ba-gua arrangements
  • He Tu and Lo Shu map discussions
  • Significance of the Magic Square (Sigel of Saturn)
  • Mapping out the symbolic ba-gua
  • Working the compass (facing and sitting positions)
  • Transferring directions to the floor plan
  • Locating the center point
  • How to use the ba-gua as a compass
  • Working the social ba-gua


Module 6: The Power of Directions: Working With The Ming Gua & Bazhai:

module06 frontLearn the basic yet powerful compass methods used to determine your best personal directions for health and wealth. Plus the best energy for your home! This module will cover:

  • How to construct the 8 trigrams
  • Discover the power of the Lo Shu Grid
  • How to work with the Ming Gua effectively
  • How to work with the house portents effectively
  • How to Apply this information to floor plans including placement of key rooms, wet rooms, door positions and much more!



Module 7: Floor Plan Designs For Health:

module07 frontIn this module we will begin assessing all aspects of design that can cause ill-health including:

  • Internal and external architecture
  • Calculating missing corners and/or extensions
  • Assessing building materials, fabrics, lighting, synthetics and green design
  • Street designs in relation to building
  • Surrounding Man-made structures
  • Property and lot analysis including vegetation, landscape and soil integrity
  • Room - by -room assessments
  •  Healthy home quick list!


Module 8: Unseen Energies ~ Dowsing & Geopathic Stress:

module08 frontIn this module we will continue to assess problematic issues that an affect our health. More specifically, we will examine the seen and unseen energies that surround our environment. The student will learn about:

  • The history of ley lines
  • Stone circle formations and natural earth alignment
  • Underground water veins and sinews
  • Black-line streams, geopathic lines and sick building syndrome
  • Earth alignment techniques
  • Electromagnetic frequencies and how to live with them
  • Indoor dowsing (10, 170, 250, 400 meter grid sytems)


Module 9: Corporate Feng Shui:

module09 frontThis program focuses on office and commercial enterprise. Many feng shui techniques are specialized when performing a consultation for business or corporate scenarios. The students will learn:

  • The different elemental building shapes
  • How to work with CEO and partner power points
  • Key locations for business
  • Sacred Geometric configurations for reception area
  • Auspicious designs
  • Landscape guidelines/Roadways
  • Company logos and signs
  • Najia 24 point method
  • And much more!



Module 10: Eco-Living & Design Concepts:

module10 frontThis program covers feng shui and green design concepts including:

  • Carbon Footprints
  • Indoor air pollution and remedies
  • Eco materials for flooring, walls, counters, fabrics
  • Safe ligting
  • Furniture
  • Plants
  • Yard and garden
  • LEED Points
  • Green home tour


Advance Classes: 

thebasicformula 2Flying Star Feng Shui: Unlock the Secrets of Your Home and Office!

This home study course hones in on the important fact that energy is not static and it is constantly changing over time. This affects the quality of the energies in your living and workspaces. While the most common aspects of feng shui (space, time and spiritual) are extremely important and interconnective, it is paramount to infuse the time dimension since energy patterns change from year to year, month to month and day to day. 

By and large, most people feng shui their home or offices according to the space dimension of feng shui, yet they fail to update them monthly or annually according to the aspect of time. When things begin to go awry in their life, they question why. This is the very reason I developed this home study course. You'll receive all the tools you need on how to construct a time chart including all period 8 house charts with working solutions. The secret of effective feng shui is understanding how to interpret the number combinations! Here are just a few aspects you will find in this course.

  • You'll find step-by-step insructions on how to build a home chart
  • How to work the water and mountain stars
  • Hetu combinations and triggers
  • Working solutions to star combinations
  • How to work with certain number combinationsroom-by room
  • Working the personal ming gua through the house chart
  • Examples of indoor and outdoor cures
  • Definitions of the 81 combinations
  • Advance working theoris
  • How to find out if wealth will stay
  • All period 8 house charts with cures
  • How to navigate annual and monthly stars


four pillars4 Pillars Astrology:

The four pillars originated in ancient China. It has been trusted and relied on by many people becuase the readings can predict precise manners for the people. The meaning of the name four pillars is based on the foundations of key information of the readings which are used with four critical information of birth data (year, month, day and hour). Each pillar is calculated and information cna be described as a particular person's personality traits and destinies which the one carries in life. This home study course is loaded with step-by step information of how to analyze a 4 pillars chart and make predictions. Some of the topics include:

  • Defining animal characterisitics
  • Lunar cycle system
  • Solar Hsia calendar
  • Heavenly stems and earthly branches
  • 5 element qualities
  • Heavenly star positions
  • EB fixed times
  • The pillar components
  • Hidden stems and considering time
  • Determining strenght
  • Chart systems and types
  • Attributes
  • 10 Gods
  • Scenarios
  • Transformations and flow
  • Health dynamics
  • And much more!

Feng Shui as a Business & Review Seminar:


  • Performing a feng shui consultation
  • Consultation tools
  • Professional etiquette
  • Setting up a feng shui business
  • Marketing tools