What is FengShui? Why is it Known as Feng Shui? Does Feng Shui Work?

Feng Shui literally means "the way of wind and water" or "the natural forces of the universe." On a symplistic level, Feng Shui is about tapping into the rhythm, cycles and vibration of the outdoors, and how nature's elements can impact architecture. Its principles are the power behind sacred design and prosperous living. This age-old Chinese approach to health, longevity and generational wealth is revered by many throughout the world. If we think about the structures we live in, they have a tremendous impact on how we transform as living beings on this earthly plane. Very few buildings, other than places of worship, have that ability. A home is a subtle, implicit laboratory of spirit. It is here where our minds open to discover others and how we come to know oneself. The effectiveness of Feng shui is working with nature. Aferall, nature is perfect as it has God's fingerprint on it!

Know Feng Shui Like a Master or Ease Into It Gradually 

Be Inspired and Prosperous and become a confident, qualified and certified feng shui consultant or engage in the basic feng shui mini-series. Feng Shui is about helping people and it is evident the public is looking for help. Any search engine results prove there are millions of inquires per month searching the topic of feng shui. It is a fact that professional applications of feng shui bring about more happiness, better health and greater prosperity. I personally have help clients improve their love life, get married, find new opportunities, improve health and become pregnant even when fertility was an issue.

You Found This Page Because The Universe Has Guided You To It

The Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui offers a wonderful feng shui certification program in compass school principles or a mini feng shui downloadable series to just wet your whistle. Many students just like you have had the same curiosity about feng shui and are certified consultants now carrying out their mission in life. As the director of the Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui, I guide my students on a journey through time to learn the ancient study of feng shui as a nature-based science. I teach you the ancient practices and then apply them to modern day issues, structures and land form. I love to teach my students everything I know and exactly how I practice. I encourage all my students to also infuse their own talents as to personalize their approach. Everyone comes to the table with special talents and this is how we collectively help society to be balanced and enjoy living a life filled with prosperity and gratitude.


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  • Do you have a desire to improve your own life or that of your family?
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